Prism Stunt Kites

Prism Stunt Kites

This is our best selling range of stunt kites. Kiteworld are the official UK dealer for Prism Kites, we carry a full range of spares and offer outstanding after sales support. Prism Designs are renound for their very high build quality and state of the art design. They offer a complete range of kites to suit both the beginner or the pro flyer. Whether you are looking for a quality entry level stunt kite or something a bit more special for tricks or light wind flying you will find it here.
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Prism Nexus Stunt Kite

Price:  48.75

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Was 349.99 | Save 30 %

Prism Nexus 5 Stack

Price:  244.50

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Was 99.99 | Save 30 %

Prism 4-D

Price:  69.99

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Prism Kites Quantum SE Stunt Kite

Price:  84.75

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Prism Hypnotist Stunt Kite

Price:  130.49

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Was 175.99 | Save 15 %

Prism E3 Stunt Kite

Price:  149.59

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