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Delivery Cost

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Secure Payment

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HQ Invento Stunt Kites

HQ Invento who are based in Germany have been making quality stunt kites for many years. They offer a wide range of kites to suit all skill levels. The lower end kites are great for the first time flyer, while the top end more specialist kites are sure to keep the experienced flyer happy.
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HQ Dancer

18.99 (Inc VAT at 20%)

The HQ Dancer Stunt Kite is a great kite for the ...
More Info
HQ Rookie

16.99 (Inc VAT at 20%)

The HQ Rookie Stunt Kite is suitable for beginners looking for ...
More Info
HQ Orion

15.99 (Inc VAT at 20%)

The HQ Orion Stunt Kite is suitable for beginners looking for ...
More Info
HQ Trigger

19.99 (Inc VAT at 20%)

The HQ Trigger Stunt Kite is suitable for beginners looking for ...
More Info
HQ Calypso 2

18.99 (Inc VAT at 20%)

The HQ Calypso 2 Stunt Kite is a new HQ entry-level ...
More Info
HQ Quickstep 2

27.99 (Inc VAT at 20%)

HQ Quickstep 2 Stunt Kite: This new HQ entry-level kite is ...
More Info
HQ Bebop

34.99 (Inc VAT at 20%)

The HQ BEBOP is an easy to fly stunt kite for ...
More Info
HQ Limbo 2

39.99 (Inc VAT at 20%)

The HQ Limbo II is truly a worthy successor to the ...
More Info
HQ Yukon

56.99 (Inc VAT at 20%)

The HQ Yukon Stunt Kite is an advanced entry ...
More Info
HQ Salsa IIl

65.99 (Inc VAT at 20%)

The new HQ Salsa III stunt kite is superior to its ...
More Info
HQ Maestro 3 (IIl)

119.99 (Inc VAT at 20%)

The new HQ Maestro III may look similar to its predecessor. ...
More Info
HQ Crackerjack

179.99 (Inc VAT at 20%)

Revolutionising the sports kite market, the HQ Crackerjack Stunt Kite is ...
More Info
HQ Infinity

179.99 (Inc VAT at 20%)

The HQ Infinity is an exceptional high end sport kite, it ...
More Info
HQ Cirrus

48.99 (Inc VAT at 20%)

The HQ Cirrus Stunt Kite offers features that are otherwise only ...
More Info
HQ Nimbus

59.99 (Inc VAT at 20%)

The HQ Nimbus Stunt Kite R2F is a fast and agile ...
More Info
HQ Stratus

75.99 (Inc VAT at 20%)

This all-round stunt kite combines state-of-the-art technological expertise to make light ...
More Info
HQ Shadow

189.99 (Inc VAT at 20%)

The HQ Shadow Stunt Kite resulted from the collaboration of HQ's ...
More Info
HQ Delta Hawk

59.99 (Inc VAT at 20%)

The Delta Hawk Rainbow develops a very nice pull in higher ...
More Info
HQ Bat Kite

119.99 (Inc VAT at 20%)

The HQ Batkite is back! This silent rocket is a very ...
More Info
HQ Whizz

78.99 (Inc VAT at 20%)

The new Whizz is the fastest kite in the HQ range ...
More Info
HQ X-Celerator

94.99 (Inc VAT at 20%)

This radical Speed Kite was developed especially for "stormy times". It ...
More Info
HQ Fazer Desert

127.99 (Inc VAT at 20%)

The HQ Fazer Desert is an all-round Speed kite which combines ...
More Info
HQ Fazer XL

184.99 (Inc VAT at 20%)

HQ Fazer XL | Conceived as a speed and power kite, ...
More Info
HQ Fazer XXL

319.99 (Inc VAT at 20%)

The Fazer XXL is impressive by sheer size and commands great ...
More Info
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